ThS. Đoàn Quang Hưng

Chuyên gia phân tích


1.   Teaching  experience and statistical software:

     Econometrics and statistics courses; Econometrics using Stata and SPSS.

     Stata, SPSS, CsPro (software package for entering, editing, tabulating and mapping census and survey data), R-Programming, Ms Office (Word, Excel, Access).

2. Other Training:

    23rd – 27th July 2012: Recent Advances in the Field of Trade Theory and Policy Analysis Using Micro-Level Data, Organized by ARTNeT, UNESCAP and IDRC in Bangkok, Thailand.

    21st – 28th February, 2011: Research Methodology and Advanced econometrics, MUTRAP III Project, Foreign Trade University (FTU).

    September 2010 – March 2011: Microeconomics I, II and Macroeconomics I, II courses at Foreign Trade University.

       February 2009: Survey methodology and sampling methods, DEPOCEN.

    June 2007: Networking Event and Training on Labour Market, Trade, Poverty and Migration – VERN, IDRC.

       April 2007: Data Workshop (analysis data in STATA), VERN – IDRC.

3.Publications and working papers

  1. Vu Hoang Nam and Doan Quang Hung (2013), “Innovation and Performance of Enterprises: The Case of SMEs in Vietnam”. Under-review.
  2. Vu Thi Hanh and Doan Quang Hung (2013), “Vietnamese Rice Exports: Do

Large Destination Markets Stimulate?” Under-review

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  3. Doan Quang Hung and Vu Hoang Nam (2013), “Networks of Enterprises and

Innovations: Evidence from SMEs in Vietnam”. (Revising).

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  2. Doan Quang Hung, Nguyen Tran Ngoc Minh and Nguyen Ngoc Son (2013), “Firm Size,   Firm   Type  and   Technical   Efficiency:   the  Evidence   from Vietnamese Manufacturing Enterprises” External Economics Review (forthcoming).
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Agriculture Development (IFAD).

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programmes   with  foreign  institutions   in  Vietnam”,  External  Economics

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